Wednesday, June 03, 2009

They don't even need to include a card.

Father's Day is coming up and yesterday, Sweetie asked me "What do you want the kids to get you for Father's Day?"

I'm not one of those people who says something dumb like "Oh, you know, it's enough that they love me." Instead, I answered instantly: A new watch.

I want another watch. I need another watch. I've got a great one now, mind you - -a Buffalo Bills' watch that's really nice looking and fancy and which I wear to work all the time.

But I need a sports watch, one I can wear when I go jogging or biking or otherwise working out. I like to see how I'm doing: time my jogs and rides and keep up my pace, and I don't want to wear a fancy watch for that.

That's why I pointed Sweetie to something like the Seiko Diver shown here. Watches make great presents anyway, and this watch would make a great present for me. It's scratch-resistant with a timer function around the edges that can be rotated to set it so that I can keep track of elapsed time without having to click a bunch of tiny buttons. It's sporty and yet professional looking, so I don't have to be one of those dorks with a velcro-strapped watch clinging to me as I jog around the nature trail.

I didn't, in fact, just point Sweetie to it. I bookmarked the page on our computer (at, then I put the credit card next to the computer, then I sat her down and said Maybe you should just order this. Then I typed in an ordered it anyway.

Some things you can't leave to chance.

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