Monday, June 15, 2009

The ice cream probably helps protect my teeth a little, don't you think?

If you're like me, you probably never thought much about dental insurance until that day that your teeth felt kind of funny, "funny," like maybe they were all about to drop out of your head all at once, probably because all you ever drink is coffee and diet Coke and, yeah, you brush them, but that's about all...

So you decide I'd better get dental insurance and you decide I'd better do it fast while these teeth are still part of my team, and you begin to try to do that, but it's hard because... there's like a zillion dental insurance companies and sites and there's fine print and they're hard to understand and compare and you end up either not getting dental insurance, or, in my case, getting dental "insurance" that turns out not to be "insurance" at all but is, instead, a card that guarantees you a free ice cream cone if you buy ten.

I've only got seven more to go on that card, but it all left me wishing that the United States had a site like "Dental Buddy," the UK website that provides quick and easy comparisons of dental insurance. It's all right there on the front of the site: lines of dental insurance, with prices and what's covered and then a listing of additional benefits and a link to go buy it right away, so that I could have, if I was lucky enough to live in England, already bought dental insurance instead of wasting a whole day on trying to find one.

The Dental Buddy site also has links about dental news and information about dentistry and dental insurance, making it even more valuable than my "free cone" card (which, to be sure, is pretty valuable).

So if you're looking to buy dental insurance and you live in the UK, go to "Dental Buddy" and get all the information you need.

And if you live in Madison, Wisconsin, and are looking to buy an ice cream cone, get in touch with me. I want to finish off this card soon.

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