Friday, June 19, 2009

Leftover Pizza Will Probably Make It Onto Many Of These Lists (3 Good Things 1)

A long time ago, I read that one simple way to keep up a positive outlook and have a better life is to, at the end of each day, remind yourself of 3 Good Things that happened that day. I started doing that-- but I changed it to the next morning. Each morning, now, when I get up, I think of 3 Good Things that happened to me the day before so that I begin my new day with a good, positive outlook.

I've decided to start sharing those, so here goes with the first:

Thursday's Three Good Things.
1. I scored 27 points against The Boy in basketball, almost beating him.
2. I got to go to the Splash Park with the Babies! -- at 10 a.m. On a Thursday.
3. There was leftover pizza for lunch.


6/19: Do Tigers Dream of Striped Sweaters?

6/20: Who knew a 2-year-old would be such a good choreographer?

6/21: The best way to unwind.

6/22: If the sea is any draw for you.

6/23: I told you, many of these would involve pizza.

6/27: Genius should be rewarded by ice cream.

6/28: My musical tastes are eclectic.

6/29: It will be the big hit of 2010.

6/30: It's true, fish do that.

7/1: Also, we had pizza.

7/2: It's at 1:35 of the trailer, if you're the impatient type.

7/3: We did get a couple of pictures but they weren't very good

7/4: 2 of the 3 have to do with eating. I wonder if that's connected to the way my pants keep shrinking?

7/5: This is not my finger holding a baby turtle.

7/8: I don't think you can actually spend peanuts there, though.

7/9: I called him Mr Smushface...

7/10: Really, I wasn't kidding about how often pizza would make this list.

7/11: Sweetie was well aware they were celebrity fingers.

7/17: Mr Bunches Was More Helpful Than Mr F...

7/18: Potatos can't be pets.

7/19: There were also Meatball Subs

7/20: 2/3 Videos, 1/3 Books.

7/21: Mr F Is The One Pictured Here...

7/22: Better late than never

7/23: Cat Search Deputy

7/24: The sunlight was remarkable.

7/25: 3 Of the 5 Senses Are Representin'...

7/26: Pine cones.

7/27: Clouds rule.

7/28: The Miami Vice Stubble look.

7/29: The Long Drive Home Edition of 3 Good Things

7/30: A good day for thinking up stuff.

7/31: 3 Good Things Out Of 500

8/1: How can people drink blood?

8/2: Mopping

8/3: All Mr Bunches, All The Time

8/4: Eesnaw

8/5: Janitor for hire

8/6: Cowboy Superman

8/7: Mr F had other plans.

8/8: Re-

8/9: Yoga & Web Soup

8/10: I want to live in the future.

8/11: Mr F comes running...

8/12: World Record!

8/13: A toe-tapping good song.

8/14: Boys' Night Out.

8/15: Not all about comics.

8/16: Hot Fudge!

8/17: Out of work early.

8/18: Smiling in her sleep...

8/19: Avenue Q.

8/20: Muffins & Colbert.

8/21: I see them all the time, after all.

8/22: I will post the pizza picture eventually.

8/23: The picture is from last year.

8/24: I found the squirrel funny.

8/25 and 8/26: How'd a spider make this list?

8/27: I am the fastest man alive (who is sitting in front of my computer!)

8/28: It's like finding money...

8/29: I suppose I could choose three dimensions...

8/30: Who needs three anyway?

8/31: I have watched the first 10 minutes of many movies with Mr F

9/1: It's not my actual grocery list.

9/2/09: And it's not even that actor's real name.

9/3/09: Since Mr F gets mentioned twice, the picture is Mr Bunches.

9/6/09: You can see from the picture why I never bring the Babies! to the office anymore.

9/7/09: Everything is better if you just say "and pizza" at the end of it.

9/8/09: No pictures are working today!

9/9/09: The all-video 3 Good Things.

9/12-9/13/09: Surprisingly, the kickball game broke nothing.

9/14: Just try saying "And Pizza" after your team loses.

9/15: Coming next fall: Biker Babies!

9/16: How'd carrots make this list?

9/17: What's the point of making a video if you don't want people to see it?

9/18, 9/19/ and 9/20: Also, Mr F tore up most of my idea notebook.

9/22: That's right, I'm taking Green Day Down a peg.

9/23: 3 Good People Are My 3 Good Things.

9/25-9/27: The picture is from the hill...

9/28: I don't know why I never bothered to ask where the supplies are.

9/30: Everyone's funnier as a basset hound.

10/1: Everything wise should be on a t-shirt.

10/2-10/4: Also, I jogged over 4 miles including up some big hills, but I didn't remember that until too late.

10/5: Some things are corn dogs.

10/6: Everything comes full circle here.

10/7/09: I got the Cardinals and the Red Sox and then two teams with no chance to win.

10/12/09: I hope I didn't give it away with the clue...

10/13/09: There is a girl in New York City who calls herself the human trampoline...

10/14/09: Probably, the onion rings should be number one.

10/15/09: These things didn't happen...

10/16-10/18: I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Demille.

10/19: This should probably be 183 good things.

10/20: His ostrich goes something like "Wroolooloo!"

10/21: Half evil, half genius: That's the recipe for success. Also: Add a pinch of oregano for luck.

10/22: Extra Good Things [Meaning "More Good Things," Not "The Same Number Of Better Things"]

10/26: I Want This Poster.

10/27: The Boy's aphorisms need a little work.

10/28: Being bad at games is good

10/29: Facebook, leave Sweetie alone.

10/30-11/1/09: Sweetie is the one who chose the meal, just so you know.

11/3: Shampoo washcloth duck soap car.

11/4: Demon Llama!

11/5: It all makes sense if you read it a couple times.

11/9: If you look at the picture, and imagine me walking up it tiredly, you'll kind of get the idea. Only my hill is steeper.

11/10: 3 From Mr F

11/11: Butterscotch: The Next Generation.

11/12: Ideas not ready for prime time... (a mashup!)

11/13-11/15: It's Monday. 'Nuff said.

11/16: I can't think of a clever title to put here.

11/17: People have really been doing a good job commenting...

11/19: Better late than never...

11/20-11/22: Is Monday still Monday?

11/23: One of my things will be one of your things.

11/24: Everyone has a favorite food additive, right?

11/26: Technically, it's a cereal.

11/27-11/29: I get to go back to eating sandwiches tomorrow.

11/30: Not directly involving leftover pizza.

12/1: Don't quibble with me, meteorologists.

12/2: Poor Richard's got nothing on me.

12/3: The path is all covered by snow.

12/4-12/6: Shoveling snow's not so bad...

12/7: Aristotle's Cookies.

12/8: You'll have to read to the end to see if you won the contest.

12/9: I bet nobody in Hawaii sat in traffic for 2 hours...

12/10: Modern-Day Muppets and other thoughts.

12/11-12/13: Nothing says "Holiday Cheer!" like a gutted carp!

12/14: I didn't actually hit anyone (I think)

12/15 and 12/16: Combined.

12/17: The Barber of Seville is a song I know thanks to Bugs Bunny cartoons.

12/21: Everything is okay if you just add "... but isn't that what the holidays are all about?" after it.

Over the holidays: Tiny computing can be fun! And squinty!

1/9/10: After the shake, I had a cranberry nut muffin.

1/10/10: Honestly, it's very cold.

Claudius wanted to be the first man to reach the stars... but it was murder to get there:

Read "Eclipse," the phenomenal sci-fi book by Briane Pagel. Available at and on your Kindle.

1/11/10: I know they're not that great, but it's Monday...

1/12/10: I'm pretty sure the trampoline and Snickers bar offset each other.

1/13/10: My life increasingly revolves around cheeseburgers...

1/15-1/17: It is an actual circumstance...

1/18-1/20: And here I'd thought it was just a blue shirt.

1/21/10: Alliterative one-word good things, with an explanation.

1/22-1/24/10: I wonder if I can enter the cartoon contest...

1/25/10: In celebration of comments and secret codes

1/26/10: It's the little victories that count. Those and the word 'jalopy.'

1/27/10: Soon, no more tiny 'puting.

1/28-1/31/10: It's true, you won't ever use it.

2/1/10: In non-Sweetie related news, I bought some ranch-flavored corn nuts.

2/2: Harold had his purple crayon, Mr Bunches has his red one.

2/3: With so many TV shows featuring music...

2/5-2/7: I'm a computer genius!

2/9/10: Sweetie's 3 Good Things!

2/11/10: Sigourney Weaver looks weird as a blue cat.

2/12- 2/14/10: [Spoiler Alert!] I mention something from Lost...

2/15/10: I don't drink tea. I just liked the picture.

2/16/10: Sweetie, you can always tell what day it is...

2/17/10: I saved the best one for last today.

2/18/10: Mr F is a better dancer...

2/19-2/21/10: Now with 100% more Down... To Go.

2/22/10: Inspirational yogurt, and "I Can See For Miles" by Petra Haden

2/23/10: I'm kind of a superhero, and "Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts" by Bob Dylan.

2/24/10: Buzzing bees, and "Plan To Stay Awake," The Deathray Davies.

2/25/10: Nothing's immoral, and "A Simple Desultory Phillipic" by Paul Simon.

3/5-3/7/10: Have you ever tried to relax lying on a plastic cow? and two songs: "Lucky" and "A More Perfect Union."

3/8/10: Metropolis is in Illinois? And "The Man Of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts" by Sufjan Stevens.

3/9/10: Spinach has killed more people, and "Building All Is Love" by Karen O

3/10/10: I'd cheat a priest to get to Sweetie, and "Little Miss Pipe Dream" by The Wombats.

3/11 or so: I was going to put in one from last Friday, and "There Goes My Love" By The Blue Van.

3/16/10: It really is remarkable how many of these feature leftover pizza, and "What Do You Do With A B.A. In English" from Avenue Q.

3/21/10: I grabbed the wrong doritos, and "Safe & Sound" from Electric President.

3/22/10: Violin-y is a mood, and "Violin" by They Might Be Giants

3/26-3/28: Coffee is a standalone drink, and "What Ifs + Maybes" by Bromheads Jacket.

3/29/10: It's classic Babies! pictures time, and "Maneater" by The Bird And The Bee.

4/16-4/18/10: Sure, they've made a billion dollars... and "She Does" by Locksley.

4/19/10: "Leaf: The Game." And "Bruises," by Chairlift.

4/20/10: If you hand Mr Bunches a loaded gun, and "This Too Shall Pass" by OK Go.

4/21/10: Secretly Muhammad is hiding behind the book, and "Mend My Heart" by Alli Millstein.

4/23-4/26: It takes more than a conspiracy to keep me down, and "99 Red Balloons" by Nena:

4/27/10: This parable is why I never delete... and "Rock Lobster" by the B-52s.

4/28/10: Panera-Geddon! And "Good Work" by The BoDeans.

4/30-5/3/10: I never actually had any hippie days, and "Celestial Soda Pop" by Ray Lynch.

5/4/10: No time for chat! And "Love Is A Stranger" by Eurythmics.

5/7-5/9/10: Every Saturday we have an adventure... and "Hypnotize" by The White Stripes.

5/11/10: Will Smith Is Like Sara Lee... and "Switch," By Will Smith.

5/14-5/16: Icee, youcee... and "Home" By Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.

5/18/10: Life is better with a moat, and "Two Dots" By Lusine.

5/19: I was on the dance floor, acting strange... and "Disco Duck" by Rick Dees.

? - 5/25/10: 3 teenage boys + a dog... and "Mariella" by Kate Nash

5/26/10: I'm going to take Dennis DeYoung down a peg... and "Music Time" by Styx.

6/2/10: "Leftover Pizza" is officially retired... and "Light & Day" by Polyphonic Spree.

6/7/10: Teeter-tottering beats a clean car, and "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" by The Charlie Daniels Band.

6/10/10: Swamps can be romantic, and "Elegance" from "Hello, Dolly."

6/14/10: The Flag Day Intro has nothing to do with anything, and "Down Below" from a commercial.

6/15/10: Next year, eggs will be on the bad list, and "Love Astronaut" by Murder Mystery.

6/17-6/20: I love a good denouncing, and "Can't Touch It" By Ricki Lee.

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the bingo suite said...

Thank you for this. I had a bad day and maybe thinking of the 3 good things could brighten up my day.
-was not late for work
-was able to take an hour nap
-was able to pay bills on time