Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sometimes, on hot days, the chips melt in my pocket and make my keys gooey.

I like to take the Babies! places by myself -- no Sweetie, no The Boy, no Middle or Oldest to help me. Which means that I am never without the basic things that I need to take on the world while accompanied by hyperactive two-year-old boys:

1. A pocketful of chocolate chip cookies, and
2. My ATM Card.

I need the chocolate chip cookies to control the Babies! When cajoling and threatening and carrying them both and chasing them all fail, I pull out chocolate chip cookies and simply bribe them with the sweet, sweet goodness of chocolate chip cookies.

I need the ATM card because when dealing with the Babies!, and the public, I am frequently trying to control two little boys with one hand while I pay with the other -- and cash and checks are no good in that situation.

So I instead pull out the ATM card and do the whole transaction one-handed (usually while being yanked and/or punched by tiny fists) and manage to get through it with a modicum of dignity. (Okay, NO dignity. But I get through it.)

Suppose YOU were to find yourself in a situation like that: Crazy little boys, a need to pay for the bag of Fritos and soda, and only one free hand? But suppose that you were one of those people who for one reason or another (bad credit, no credit, blacklisted by banks...) who didn't have a debit card? can help you by getting you a Prepaid Visa Mastercard debit card. These prepaid debit cards work just like a bank-issued one but you don't need a bank account to get one. You just need access to the Internet (and you obviously have that, 'cause you're reading this online)(in case you forgot).

There are 84 million people in the US who for one reason or another don't have a "traditional" bank account. Each of those people can now get an ATM card, and by doing so take part in the same kind of life that I do...

... I'll drop the Babies! off at four. You bring the cookies.

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