Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Reverse Mullet is an intriguing hairstyle, isn't it?

Philosophers have long looked for ways of adequately summing up human existence. Think of "I think, therefore I am," or of the ancient thinker... um... I can't remember any right now. But you know and I know, from years of not really paying attention in school, that humanity has always looked for ways to sum up the span of a human life.

Well, I am a thinker, and I am human, so I decided that I would add to the sum total of ideas in this category by coming up with my own catchy phrase to sum up what the meaning of life is, and my own catchy phrase is this:

Life is all about trying to get enough wisdom to adequately explain your unfortunate hairstyle choices of the past.

You know that I've hit on something, right there. In life, we're constantly moving from "Hair Styled Like Luke Skywalker's" to "Hair that is kind of spiky on top" to "Hair that is kind of like a mullet and spiked on the side" to "Hair that for some reason is permed" to "Hair that looked like Woody's from Toy Story" to, at present, "Hair that would make people think you're in the military except they see your physique and know that you're not a soldier."

At the same time, as we/I progress from one hairstyle to another, each step is joined by a quest to gain enough knowledge to be able to say "Sure, that hairstyle was dumb, but I only did it because..." and then to add " But my new hairstyle, the Reverse Mullet, will never go out of style."

As you can see, I have a lengthy love-hate relationship with my hair, one which at times benefitted from, and at many more times, WOULD have benefitted from, the use of professional products and attention. Say, some of the L'Oreal hair styling supplies that are available at

Any of the personal care products available there would probably help, I suppose, and any would be an improvement on my own personal products, which are:

1. The kind of shampoo you buy for 99 cents a bottle from a bin at a store, and
2. Nothing else.

I could get the "Intense Rebalancing" nighttime scalp lotion to ease my mind and improve my scalp, and pair that up with some of that Aqua-proof gel to actually style my hair (style it beyond "the toweled-and-untouched-thereafter" look, I mean) -- and order them from Spafrais, taking advantage of not only their low prices but also their always-free shipping, and maybe then move past this CURRENT hairstyle stage... advancing to the next level of understanding and wisdom.

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