Thursday, June 18, 2009

So in the end I wrote a post about writing a post about accusing her of doing what she'd done... now I'm confused. (Says You!)

I got this comment the other day on an older post:

I think that "Sweetie" seems like a very smart woman!!!!!

The post was one about how Sweetie has been throwing out my t-shirts here and there and how I was fighting back by getting new t-shirts without telling her.

When I saw the comment, I laughed and thought I'll have to tell Sweetie about that later.

Then, I thought: I should write a post about that, and claim that I suspect that it was Sweetie who actually left that comment.

So later on, I said to Sweetie: "Someone left a comment today on a post on my blog, saying how they thought you were smart."

Sweetie didn't respond immediately and I said "So I'm going to republish it and make a joke that it must have been you."

That's when Sweetie confessed that it was her who left the comment, anonymously.

So that's what our marriage has progressed to: Sweetie is opting to make it appear that anonymous Internet readers are supporting her in our debates.

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