Monday, July 06, 2009

This is not my finger holding a baby turtle. (3 Good Things from July 5)

Back to work after a long weekend (for me that means 2 days off), with only my tie, my ravioli for lunch, and my 3 Good Things from yesterday to keep me smiling:

1. I finished the Lensman book that I'd been reading forever. And it ended up pretty good, too -- good enough that I didn't really want to start another book right away, which is my test for a good book: when you finish it, do you feel like starting another book right off, or do you let the old book marinate for a while?

2. I got a good start on my redesign of the always-in-progress backyard -- and when Middle looked out she said "It looks like lily pads," which is exactly what I was going for.

3. Mr Bunches and I got to see a nest of turtle eggs, marked and protected by chicken wire, on the nature trail where we went for a walk yesterday. (Mr F got to see them, too, but he wasn't looking.)

Read all the 3 Good Things here.

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