Friday, July 10, 2009

Get rich quick schemes that actually work (but are still schemes)

Like everyone else, I am always trying to save money and/or get some extra cash. And like everyone else, I'm lazy. That's why my extra-cash-getting schemes usually involve something along the lines of "trying to interest a television producer in making a reality series about a guy who doesn't do much" or "secretly sneaking into The Boy's room, getting his DVDs, and selling them for a couple bucks."

Don't tell him.

I've found a third way to maybe put a little extra cash in my pocket: Replace Chris Martin in Coldplay. I've heard he makes a lot of money, and maybe he's getting a little tired of being a billionaire cool laid-back rock star guy... and he's just looking for someone to take over for him.

On the offchance that none of those plans works, though, I could always find a way to lower my current expenses, like, say, auto insurance. Finding cheaper auto insurance used to mean a slog through the yellow pages, or having to call an insurance agent (shudder!) but now it's easy to get cheap liability car insurance -- just go to and type in your zip code. That'll give you a bunch of insurers and an estimate of quotes for you -- with a button to click and get a quote online.

Try it yourself -- that link'll take you there. Before you know it, you'll be saving on insurance and have more cash in your pocket.

And before you know it, I will be the new lead singer for Coldplay. How's that song go again? "Clocks... something something... yellow."

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