Monday, July 06, 2009

A little planning might help these make more sense. (Awesome Covers of Already Awesome Songs, 6)

The song being covered today is not actually awesome.

But I make the rules around here, and the song that is covering the not-awesome-song is, simply put, too awesome not to put on my blog.

The song being covered is Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. While Nirvana had a couple of good songs, my position on them (that they're the Bee Gees of the 90s) is well-known. And the song Smells Like Teen Spirit was not one of Nirvana's good songs. I was... how can I put this? Barely listenable.

Not so the cover version of it, which, as I said, is so awesome that it merits being on here. I give you: Smells Like Teen Spirit by The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain:

See what I mean? On the one hand, the overblown, tedious, Nirvana version. On the other hand, the Ukulele version, which, ironically* is like a musical nirvana.

*Is that ironic? Even I'm not sure anymore. Plus, I don't really know what "nirvana" means. I'm going to guess a state of bliss.**

** I was right.

Just as a bonus, here's the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain's version of "Life On Mars," which actually was an awesome song. So I guess I should've gone with this one:

But then I wouldn't have gotten to make fun of Nirvana.

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