Thursday, July 09, 2009

I don't think you can actually spend peanuts there, though. (3 Good Things From July 8, 2009)

I've been in trial the last couple of days (we won!)(Naturally!)(Egotistic, aren't we?)(Yes, I am.) -- and I'll be in trial next week, too, so posts may be a little sparse here, but here's my 3 Good Things from yesterday that are keeping me upbeat today.

1. The view along Highway A between Lancaster, Wisconsin, and Rewey, Wisconsin. That drive is like being in a postcard. It's all hills and bluffs and cattle and horses and scenic farms and rivers and bridges, and periodically your car will come up a hill towards a blue sky with puffy clouds in it and it will seem almost as if you're going to keep driving up off the top of the world into a brilliant future. (But maybe I was just upbeat from winning?)(Maybe -- but it is a great drive.)

2. The sign for "Crazy Frank's" that I passed by four separate times. Why? Because "Crazy Frank's" not only says they're selling stuff for peanuts but they misspell "bargains." They've got it as "Bargans" on both sides of the sign. I like to think they left out the I to save paint... and passed the savings on to you.

3. The song "Foundations" by Kate Nash, which I listened to approximately 33 million times driving back and forth the past few days:

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