Saturday, July 11, 2009

They'll be the smartest looking little boys around.

I wore glasses when I was a kid, and Sweetie wears reading glasses, and some of my nieces wear glasses, and so it seems likely to me that as Mr F and Mr Bunches get older, they're going to need eyeglasses, too. Which poses a problem, because the Babies! are not so much cute little babies as they are pure destructive forces of nature. They destroy EVERYTHING in their path, and I'm not kidding about that: yesterday, Mr Bunches almost took out an entire picture window because he wanted to go outside and thought that was a quicker way to get there.

So if and when they do need glasses, I'll want them to look cool and smart and stylish, of course, and I'll want to spend as little as humanly possible, of course. Which means Zenni Optical.

Zenni Optical, which was featured on TV (check it out here: ), offers inexpensive-but-great eyeglass frames: they offer them for less than others because they make the frames themselves, avoiding costs imposed by the middleman. And they're good-looking glasses, too, like this wire-rimmed set:

Those look good -- and they're bendable, with memory, so kids'll have a hard time breaking them (even my kids) and they're only $23.95. In fact, only a few of the frames they had on that site were over $20, and those were generally under $30.

It's nice that, with all the expense that kids can put on a parent, there's a place out there that understands that we want our kids to look okay, but don't want to spend a fortune on their glasses.

After all-- we have to keep replacing picture windows.

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