Monday, July 06, 2009

That's just the way things go, Dan.

The hardest part about being a wine drinker, or a wanna-be wine drinker, or just picking out a decent wine to give as a gift or bring to one of those fancy wine tasting clubs?

Navigating the confusing array of wines in a wine shop. I go into a wine shop or liquor store to pick up a bottle of wine, just a simple, elegant, nice bottle of wine for dinner or a party or because I've got a long bike ride ahead of me and need the fortification... and next thing I know, I'm amongst a bewildering assortment of bottles and types and colors and corks and sommeliers or whatever and I don't know what's going on, I get confused and disoriented and I end up just sneaking off to shoplift a bottle of tequila, which I do shots from on the corner with Dan.

Story of my life.

But with the Wine Styles Store ( I could potentially avoid all that. With their wine club options, I could sign up for one of their clubs and get not just up to two free bottles of wine per month, not just a discount on additional purchases, and not just invitations to private tastings but so much more -- like, for some memberships, a part of my fee goes to end child hunger. And, with their 150 locations, they're a national chain that's -- get this -- dedicated to SIMPLIFYING the wine shopping experience and make it easy to find the perfect bottle.

Which means I might've seen the last of Dan -- until I invite him to our dinner, of course.

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