Friday, July 10, 2009

I called him "Mr Smushface" when I went inside: (3 Good Things for July 9, 2009)

Friday morning started gray and rainy... but my 3 Good Things from yesterday keep me happy and upbeat...

1. Happy and upbeat like Burt Farlander, the main character in Away We Go, which Sweetie and I saw last night for a date night -- and the movie was very good.

2. Happy and upbeat like Mr Bunches, who greeted me as I pulled into the driveway by looking out the upstairs window and smushing his face against it -- so I smushed my face into my door window back at him, and.

3. Happy and upbeat like the air drumming I was doing to the Blink-182 songs I just got loaded into my iPod yesterday, finally, from "Enema of the State," including one of the greatest rock songs of all time: All The Small Things:

God, whatever happened to those guys? They were amazing. We need more songs like that.

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