Thursday, November 05, 2009

Demon Llama! (3 Good Things From 11/4/09)

. Dancing to Henry The Eighth by Herman's Hermits with Mr Bunches. Sweetie mentioned that Mr Bunches' new haircut makes him look like a Beatle -- and I went her one better (and many more obscure) by saying it made him look like a Herman's Hermit, so when I got home, I loaded up Henry The Eighth and danced with Mr Bunches to it. Don't worry about fairness, though: I also danced with Mr F to I See You, Baby and then played Chase with them while the music blared. Mr F is fast, by the way. Really fast.

I've already put up Henry The Eighth on this blog (here) so you can listen to Jezebel by them, instead:

2. My lunch yesterday was awesome... I'm skipping bread for November (because of this) which could make it tough for Sweetie to make me lunches, I guess, but it instead inspires her to greater creativity, like yesterday when I got Ramen Noodles mixed with pepperoni and barbecue beef.

3. "Bring it on." That line, from The Emperor's New Groove, cracks me up. It's the part where Cuzco and Pacha have gotten lashed to the log and are about to go over the waterfall, and Cuzco says "Let me guess... we're about to go over a giant waterfall."

Pacha: "Yep."
Cuzco: "Sharp rocks at the bottom?"
Pacha: "Most likely."
Cuzco: "Bring it on."

The only line in that movie -- which I watched while playing Death Flip 3000 with Mr Bunches (it's a valid game that I invented!) -- which even comes close to Bring it on is "Demon Llama!"

Which would make a great name for a Herman's Hermit's tribute band. Here's Can't You Hear My Heartbeat:

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