Monday, November 02, 2009

Sweetie is the one who chose the meal, just so you know. (3 Good Things from 10/30 -- 11/1)

Today is officially Sweetie's Birthday, but Sweetie's birthday technically is celebrated over the course of a month or so; it's too big to fit into just 24 hours. So here are 3 Good Things from the first three days of what the world will someday know as "SweetieFest."

1. Friday: Sweetie's relaxation came during her trip to the spa where she took a seaweed bath or something. The trip to the spa was her present from Mr F and Mr Bunches (who worked to earn the money to buy her a day at a spa; their jobs they did to earn the money were "help me clean the family room," "help me fix the toilet" and "for God's sake, please go to sleep, it's nearly midnight"). My own relaxation came when, later that night, I camped out in Mr Bunches' and Mr F's room, lying down on the floor with them to help them calm down and get to sleep, reading my book while Mr Bunches stole my pillow from me and Mr F dozed off in my lap.

2. Saturday: Day two of SweetieFest included trick-or-treating with Mr F and Mr Bunches. Mr Bunches went as Superman, while Mr F went as Sad Batman -- Sad because Mr F doesn't like trick-or-treating, or wearing a blue towel as his Batman cape, or both. But we went to three houses this year, a major increase over the one house from the year before.

3. Sunday, the day before Sweetie's Birthday (or Sweetie Eve, if you will) I ran to pick up the second of her three presents. Present two was "Books and a Gift Certificate from Barnes & Noble," and it only took me two tries to get that: In the morning, I'd gone with Mr F and Mr Bunches to pick up the stuff, but they'd decided not to behave in the book store and started instead throwing books and their shoes, so we'd left, and I went back at night to get the stuff, taking only Mr Bunches with me. The second time was the charm, as Mr Bunches and I made it in and out in record time, and even had a chance to buy a book to donate to a local charity (Stuart Little).

Oh, and, bonus good thing: We had the traditional Sweetie's Birthday meal last night: Whoppers with everything but onions, and fries. That's five years running, now.

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