Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Shampoo washcloth duck soap car (3 Good Things From 11/3/09)

The picture is from our health club. Sweetie didn't understand why I was taking a picture of it until I pointed out the typos. Whatever the fitness staff is, it's not good at grammar or spelling...

1. The Tuesday present was... flowers:
I started a new idea, one Sweetie will now know is a new idea even though she didn't last night. On my way home from work, I stopped off and bought Sweetie some flowers, just for being her. Then I decided that should be a thing I do, and I decided that from here on out for the next year, I'm going to bring her a little present each Tuesday.

Why Tuesdays? Because Tuesdays need a little pepping up, I think. Mondays can't be saved, while Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays don't need any help, which leaves Tuesday or Wednesday. I picked Tuesday because it was Tuesday when I thought of this.

2. I ran 3.14 miles in 30 minutes. I've been trying to increase my running, and last night I shot for 30 minutes and made it -- with an under-10-minute-mile time. The achievement was made all the greater because from 25:00 to 27:48, I had no music -- my iPod jammed up on me and needed to be restarted, twice, which was especially distressing because (a) why is my iPod jamming up? and (b) it jammed up right in the middle of Handlebars by Flobot. Maybe you don't think that song is an inspirational song to run to, but it is. Try it sometime. Like right now:

See what I mean? How doesn't it pump you up to sing along with I can guide a missile by satellite, and if you're running really well, you believe it.

3. Potato Masher was part of learning time. "Learning time" is when, each night, Sweetie and I try to teach Mr F and Mr Bunches... something. Some nights it's drawing circles and squares and triangles -- we used to include ovals but I stopped because it's really hard, actually, to tell the difference between an oval and a circle when they're both drawn by laypeople -- and some nights it's reading, or parts of the body, or things around the house. Last night, because we were running behind (owing to my having gone to the health club to jog while the Babies! played in the club's play room)( hey, "running behind" is kind of a pun...), because we were running behind, I did Things That Are In The Bathtub for learning time. Those things included: shampoo, washcloth, duck, soap, car, and boat, all of which are to be expected, and then moved on to monkey, giraffe, and potato masher.

(Note: the monkey and giraffe are toys.)

(Note, 2: After I held up potato masher and named it, twice, like I do, Mr Bunches took the potato masher and threw it into Mr F's head.)

(Note 3: I probably should have expected that.)

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