Monday, November 02, 2009

Why bother hassling with all those crazy European phones with their weird numbers?

Traveling overseas, or living overseas, can present a hassle if you want to keep in touch with people back home. Say you've got a kid going abroad. Will his or her cell phone work in the countries she's going to? Will he have enough money to call home and check in on you? You don't want to get collect calls from a different continent, do you?

International prepaid phone cards can help with that. There are companies that sell Calling Cards with rechargeable features, no-pin dialing, and even speed dial of up to 50 different numbers.

So you could send your son or daughter to Europe, or Asia, or Africa, with one of those prepaid phone Cards and be secure in the knowledge that you'll be keeping a lid on costs for calling home, while making it easy for Junior -- or Juniorella -- to tell you where they are.

Buying those cards is easier than ever, too, since you can get them online and locate them by country on the website where you buy them, and at the site I've found (the links go there) you can even set up an online account to keep track of the charges and add new money if you want. Plus, for signing up on that site now, you can get a 20% bonus as a welcome to you.

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