Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Quote of The Day, 40

Because he wants to look cool...

-- Sweetie, describing Mr Bunches' outfit last night.

Last night, Mr Bunches was in a mood to take off his diaper and sleeper. The first time he did that, I rediapered him and re-sleepered him and then put a tank top on over his sleeper, hoping that would discourage him from taking off the diaper and sleeper.

When I went back to check on him, he'd gotten the sleeper open, and diaper off, but still had the sleeves and tank top on, so that his sleeper legs were flapping behind him like fuzzy tuxedo tails (with feet.) I rediapered and resleepered him again and left. When I next went in there, he was in that same state of disarray, so I decided to give in and take the sleeper off and let him just sleep in a diaper if he wanted.

But he wouldn't let me do that. He insisted on keeping his tank top-and-upper half of his sleeper combo on, legs a'flapping, and going to bed that way.

(I let him do that. By 9 p.m., I'll give in to anything if it keeps the Babies! quiet.)

Anyway, what concerns me is not so much that Mr Bunches thought it looked cool to dress like that, but that Sweetie thought it looked cool to dress like that...


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