Wednesday, November 04, 2009

No Cheetoh Fallout? I call that lose-lose-lose.

One hard part about embarking on a diet or exercise program is knowing if it really works. It's bad enough to have to give up foods that end in -ito and even worse to have to exercise, but if the program doesn't work, then what have you done? You're not healthier and you don't have Cheetoh fallout to lick off your fingers. It's lose-lose.

The Healthy Bitch is changing that. She's going on a live weight loss program that you can follow along with, learning with her as she tries to change over to a healthy lifestyle: She's going Vegan/Vegetarian, juice fasting, and other cleansing methods to improve her health, and she's talking about it and letting you follow along on her site.

She's doing it because after 27 years of dieting she wanted to not only take accountability for herself but to share her efforts in breaking bad habits and developing new ones. You can use her site for good advice (most recently on things like toothpastes) and moral support.

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