Thursday, November 05, 2009

A Kindle For Free...

Want to get cool new stuff, or get rid of your old no-longer-cool-to-you stuff, but don't have money to do that right now?

That's the problem with auction sites, isn't it? You've got to have money to use them -- to buy or sell them costs you, and who's got extra money these days?

Listia knows your pain, and has solved it by having totally free auctions: cool stuff bought & sold for nothing.

Listia lets you buy and sell things using credits, points you get for things like signing up, referring people, and listing items. When you see an item you want, or someone wants something of yours, they bid their points and get it if they're the high bidder.

Here's something neat, though: If you don't have enough points to bid on an item, you can buy more points: at $5 per 50 points, it's easy to buy enough credit to get the thing you want, and charities can benefit from that through a program they've got that donates proceeds of point purchases to charity.

So you can sign up -- getting a 300 credit bonus right now for doing so -- and start listing items, all of which generates credits for you to start bidding on stuff you see there, like this auction for a Kindle... that's going for only 853 credits right now; heck, you get more than 1/3 of that price just for logging in today, and with other credits you'll get, you'll get a Kindle for free-- and you can then bid on other free stuff, too.

And, don't forget -- put your free stuff on there. Forget about other sites where you can give stuff away. With Listia, you'll not only get rid of your own stuff (and have a chance to donate to charity anyway) but you'll get credits to get cool stuff in return.

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