Saturday, November 07, 2009

These might be actual sites, given the state of the Internet today.

We've been looking around at my firm to try to update our website, which currently looks as though it was designed, and implemented, in 1883. (Stupid!) It fell upon me to search through the Internet for examples of sites that I liked. I did that for nearly a year before my boss said "I didn't mean sites you like to read, but sites you thought would be good for a lawfirm... (Stupid!)

I did, though, come upon MiradoWeb studio, a great web design firm that will quickly and affordably make a cool, modern website that actually performs the way you want it to, and they'll help optimize the site for search engines. Their prices are negotiable and they really, really know what theyr'e doing.

With that done, I reported back to my boss and went on with my usual work... of surfing the Internet for funny sites, and sometimes suing people. I love my job.

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