Thursday, May 14, 2009

Me plus a lamp = hilarious, not secure.

From time to time, our home security takes what I'll refer to as "kind of a lapse." That is, sometimes, our home isn't secure at all.

Take last summer, when our garage door opener broke and we had to manually work the garage door -- which didn't lock. Anyone, for a week or two, could have opened up the garage door, gotten into our garage, and had all day to remove stuff (or pick the lock on the inner door, a lock that's pretty flimsy anyway.)

Or the time a few months back when none of the kids could find their key, so their answer was "let's just leave the front door unlocked at all times including 2 a.m. on a Friday night."

It's things like that which make me lie awake at night and worry that at some point, I'm going to be trying to watch The Colbert Report and suddenly instead of dozing off to the mellow sounds of conservative japery, I'll be re-enacting a scene from The Hills Have Eyes. And it's things like that (those fears, not that movie) which make me want to use one of ProtectAmerica's home security systems.

Protect America -- -- provides home security systems that could keep me safe no matter what insecurity plans the kids cook up-- and they have systems that'll monitor anywhere from 3 to 15 entry points - with free installation right now on systems of up to 10 entry points.

Plus, they can help save not just peace of mind, but also money. A security system can save up to 20% on Homeowners' insurance. And by calling 1-877-470-2751 to order my system, I can get 2 keychain remotes with my order.

Keychains which, by the way, I will keep to make sure the kids don't lose them.

We live in a pretty safe city, but even with that there are concerns. There were home invasions and burglaries for a while last fall, and I don't want to count on just me, plus a golf club, defending my home. With Protect America, I can get one-touch security systems, and monitoring, and quick response, and, most importantly, a good night's sleep.

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