Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Science, not "science."

As you know, I follow science closely. Not "science" in quotes -- "science" is the stuff made up by "scientists" who claim there were "velociraptors." I don't follow that, except to make fun of it.

No, I follow science, and that's why I got in my Google alerts the CryoCell Press Release announcing that there's been a breakthrough in stem cell research.

They've determined that adding menstrual blood cells to umbilical cord blood increases the production of progenitor cells. That's a whole lot of science at once, so I'll boil it down: They can make more cells that grow into mature blood cells, through a process used by CryoCell.

This isn't the controversial kind of stem cells you're thinking about; this is umbilical and menstrual blood stem cells, the preservation and storing of which don't pose the same ethical issues other research methods might.

Not only are there fewer (or no) ethical issues, but the research has the potential -- and I'm quoting from the press release here -- "to treat more than 70 life-threatening illnesses," including leukemia, sickle cell anemia, and more. CryoCell has been using umbilical cord stem cells, but there's not many of those, which limited the research and application possibilities. Now, though, with the news that they can increase the production of progenitor cells, the boundaries seem more open than ever.

CryoCell is a great company doing great research, and they've got more than 175,000 customers worldwide. What they're doing can save lives, and they keep getting better at it. I've included the link to the press release, above, so go read the whole thing yourself, and pass it on.


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