Friday, May 15, 2009

I go in big for the tourist stuff.

We went to Florida last year for our family vacation, and it was one of the best vacations ever.

Most of the vacation was centered around theme parks -- two in particular: SeaWorld and Gatorland. Between petting sting rays and riding roller coasters and walking through the phenomenal shark exhibit at Seaworld, then watching the gator show and feeding alligators and looking at giant pythons and the other exotic animals at Gatorland, we could have been happy for the whole four days we were there.

But we didn't stop at that. We also went to two different malls for Sweetie and the girls so they could shop while me and The Boy and the Babies! bummed around and looked at the stores where you can go surfing IN THE STORE, and we enjoyed the sun and warmth while swimming in the pool at our resort, and we went out to eat three meals a day, and packed in a lot more sightseeing then someone should be able to do in four days.

In fact, we ran out of time, because we didn't get to try the golf course Middle and I were going to hit, and we never got to go on an airboat ride, or get to Disney World or Busch Gardens or any of the other excellent theme parks in the area.

Which is why we're planning on going back. Plan A for getting back was "Go Visit My Brother Matt and Stay At His House For a Week," because that would save on a hotel and let us do even MORE stuff than we otherwise would. But now we've got plan B, too -- go for free: Kissimmee is giving away three weekend getaways for two, and two weekLONG getaways for a family of four, with drawings coming up on 6/1/09, so I've entered already (use that link above) to win at least one trip -- and maybe more.

You can enter yourself, and maybe I'll run into you amidst all the other people enjoying a great time in Kissimmee. I'll be the one with twin Babies! wearing a giant orange hat on my head.


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