Sunday, May 10, 2009

Plus, the Smashing Pumpkins do the "Hokey Pokey." It's Radi-some (That's Radical + Awesome, all in one)

There's a lot to take care of before you get married. You've got to rent a tuxedo, find a church and a reception hall, hire a DJ (or a band -- but I'd probably go with a DJ, because you're going to get a greater variety of music, plus people really like to do the "Chicken Dance" at weddings, and what band is going to do that well?)(Besides Smashing Pumpkins, of course. They do an awesome "Chicken Dance," but I think they're broken up) and pick out a cake and hire a photographer and the invitations -- don't forget those, and while you're at it, swing by the record store to pick up that "Smashing Pumpkins Greatest Hits CD" to see if that one blogger was lying about how they did a great version of the Chicken Dance) and also the flowers, got to have flowers...

It gets so busy that you might just forget the most important thing: The Bride!

Just kidding! You've got her -- she's the one that's making you go get all that stuff, and the one who's saying "What are you doing messing around with the Smashing Pumpkins' CD, which we already have, and also did you pick up the rings?"

And, dude-- you totally forgot.

You do already have the Smashing Pumpkins' CD!

And you also forgot to get the rings. You're getting married, tomorrow, and you've got no rings!

Blue Nile to the rescue! Blue Nile is an INTERNET store -- no driving around, no getting distracted by record stores. Over 200 rings to choose from, and here's the best part, dude...

Order from them, and I quit saying "dude."

No, wait, I'll do that, but the best part is this: NEXT DAY DELIVERY! So you're totally saved. You'll have those wedding rings waiting when your bride-to-be walks down the aisle.


Order from Blue Nile and I'll stop that.

Plus, I swear it's true about the Smashing Pumpkins thing.

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