Friday, May 15, 2009

How about this: A supermodel in a swimsuit, saying "You could be kissin' me in Kissimmee?"

When we were in Florida last year, I couldn't believe that nowhere was there a t-shirt, hat, or other souvenir/tourist-y thing making some kind of pun or play on the name "Kissimmee." I mean, if people can make up 3,300 puns just on the word Nashville (seriously -- check it out yourself if you don't believe me) can't we come up with one great pun or slogan or shirt or poster for the name Kissimmee?

I'm just thinking about it because I wrote that earlier post when I got all excited that we might get to go back to Kissimmee this year, thanks to the contest they're having, giving away three weekend getaways for two, and two weeklong-getaways for four (it's not that confusing if you read it aloud) and, having entered myself, I started thinking that we just might get to go back sooner than I thought.

Go back to Kissimmee right in the hottest part of Wisconsin's summer, escaping our unbearable humidity to spend a glorious week in Florida's waterparks and pools. They say it's not the heat, it's the humidity, but if we get this vacation, it'll be neither -- just wave pools and waterslides.

Go back to Kissimmee with the kids for one more trip around SeaWorld, getting to take that golf round with Middle, me and The Boy body surfing in the ocean, and with Mr F and Mr Bunches older and more able to appreciate it this year.

Go back to Kissimmee and see Disney World-- ride Space Mountain and see the Haunted Mansion, take the kids to Busch Gardens and ride the Big Bad Wolf roller coaster.

Go back to Kissimmee and stay this time in that luxury resort, the one with the pool that looked like it was set in Hawaii, the one with the continental breakfast that features waffles you can make yourself.

That's what I'm dreaming of. That, and coming up with a slogan or advertising campaign for the city, so that they'll make me honorary mayor of Kissimmee and I can go there whenever I want, and also so that I could get a decent souvenir this time.

The next drawing is 6/1/09, so there's still time to enter yourself - -click that link above to go ahead and do just that.


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