Monday, May 11, 2009

Because sometimes I listen to the news on the way into work... (Mourning Gnus 1)

This is a new thing I'm trying out. Bear with me.

Mourning Gnus for 5/11/09:

Story that shows people don't get it:

The Washington Nationals might pay as much as $50 million to sign college pitcher Mark Strasburg.

Me: If he's smart, he'll use $40 million of that at least to ensure that the rest of the major league teams sign college-level hitters instead of the pros he'll face otherwise. There are 902 college baseball teams, with 9 starters each, for 8,118 starting college baseball players. Major league rosters have 25 active players, for each of 32 teams -- or 800 players in the majors at any one time. That means that Strasburg will next year be facing the top 9% of baseball players -- not the mediocre college hitters he's compiled a good record with.

Betcha Didn't Think Of This Before I Brought It Up: The zoo in which that orangutan escaped had sharpshooters ready with tranquilizer darts in case the orangutan went on a rampage -- to protect the zoo-goers who remained in the park, I assume -- but they were apparently waiting for it to attack before shooting it. I don't know what tranquilizer they used, but one of the fastest acting takes anywhere from 3-8 minutes on small animals. How far would that ape have gotten in 8 minutes?

Website I'm Liking A Lot Today: Damn Interesting has a great article on how happy people are delusional. I'm happy... so... um...

Google Waffle Update: I'm still number 1. Don't believe me? Go google sticky waffle sandwiches and check for yourself.

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lisapepin said...

On the Damn Interesting article: As the ever-prescient Crash Davis said in Bull Durham, "Happiness is reserved for those who aren't cursed with self awareness." I prefer an outlook that's a little more sunny than real, personally. Mankind wouldn't need LSD or Prozac if we were better at making life a little more awesome with nothing but sweet cognitive dissonance.

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