Thursday, May 14, 2009

The more invitations you send out, the more guests. The more guests, the more gifts. With me so far?

Middle is graduating in less than a month, and that means that the Invitations to her graduation party needed to go out soon. Luckily, I'm on it. I have a note near my desk to go look for invitations sometime next week, if I'm not too busy or distracted. (It doesn't say that on the note; it just says "INVITE." The rest is implied.)

It's not like it's a big deal to get them. Sweetie is on me about it because she's not living in the 21st century, like me. Sweetie is still stuck in the Olden Days (2002) when to invite people you had to go to the store, look at the four packs of invitations they had (blank, wedding, balloon, and, for some reason, "starfish," in case you were inviting people to the ocean) and then take those home and write on them and mail them out.

Me, I'm living in the Now (2009): When I can go to and create my own invitations. Or holiday cards. Or thank-you notes. Or Announcements. Basically, if I need to send it to someone, I can get it from (unless the "it" you're talking about is blackberries. Storkie doesn't have those.)

Using Storkie, I can get high-quality stock materials and use their iDesign™ tool to customize the invitations and personalize them. (Which means "No starfish.")(Well, maybe SOME starfish.)

So at some point this week, I'll look at that note, and think "Tomorrow." Then, at some LATER point, I'll look at the note again, and think "What does that mean?" And, at some LATER LATER point, I'll click over to, get the invitations ready to go, have them sent to me, and get back to my serious regular work. (Watching "Weekend At Bernie's" online.)

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