Thursday, May 14, 2009

You did great with "Hawaiian War Chant," now try this... (Mourning Gnus, 5/15/09)

I'm off of work today, but that doesn't slow me down bringing you the Thinking The Lions update! Here's your Mourning Gnus for 5/15/09)

Finally, there's a use for the Internet: Ever wondered where the potato in that potato chip you're eating (for breakfast? What's your deal?) came from? Me neither. But Lay's thinks you did, and so they created the Lay's Chip Locator, kind of like an Amber Alert for potato chips. Just take that bag of potato chips, type in your Zip Code, and the first three digits of the product code, and the Hubble Space Telescope will zoom in and shoot a topless photo of Carrie Prejean.

Hey, how 'bout that running joke?

I kind of thought that being disease-free was already part of the deal (Fort Lauderdale excluded:) To lure tourists back to their pristine beaches, awesome shopping deals, and hidden crushing poverty just outside the tourist cities, Mexico is doing something even more dramatic than expelling Heidi Montag -- resorts there are offering "flu free" deals. Only not really. Instead of promising you won't get sick if you stay there, the resorts are instead saying that if you get sick staying there, you can get a free trip in exchange.

Sounds like a 2-for-1 deal on my next vacation is in the works!

Website of the day: Don't have time to actually see the movie, but still want to be able to make fun of it? Read the fake and very funny scripts at "The Editing Room."

Google Waffle Update: I am still the number one Internet destination for "Sticky Waffle Sandwiches" (now flu-free!), but I need your help with something else. I need to know the name of the song in this trailer, for video-related reasons that I will post in the near future. Help me out!

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