Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I know, I thought it was a George Harrison original, too! (Awesome Covers Of Already Awesome Songs, 6)

I always, up until this weekend, thought George Harrison had written the song Got My Mind Set On You. Then, I find the original on a music blog, and it made my head spin.

Well, not really. It wasn't that startling. It wasn't like OhmiGod, Clark is really Superman startling. It was more like OhmiGod, the mail arrived a half-hour early startling. But, it was startling nonetheless.

So here's the original, and it is an awesome song:

"Got My Mind Set On You," James Ray:

And here's the cover, and it, too, is awesome:

"Got My Mind Set On You," George Harrison.

So that's that. Hey, what's going on out there? The mail is early again? What's going on with this world?

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