Thursday, August 06, 2009

I'd sell our house but Sweetie won't let me. She says we need a place to live.

With the recession over -- Newsweek said it, so it must be true -- it's time to start thinking about real estate again. Specifically, buying or selling real estate. Don't just sit around thinking about dirt. Sit around thinking about getting a new home, or selling your old home. Or both.

Or, better yet, don't just sit there-- do something about it. If you're thinking about real estate, and thinking about selling or buying a home, then do it. Maybe you're thinking about selling arkansas real estate. Why are you just sitting around? Stop that and start doing -- get your property listed or contact a realtor or at least puta sign up. Have you seen how helpful the Internet is for stuff like this, all these websites and things to help out? It's great. It makes me want to sell our house and buy a new one, all full of tips and helpful hints and listings and references and a good map to make sure you know where your new house will be located, or to make sure buyers can find your old house.

Even in hard times, real estate remains a good investment -- not for monetary gain but for emotional impact. In the worst of times, if you own your land and own your house, you own something solid. Stocks and bonds can fade away. Companies can go out of business. But land and houses are solid and stay there.

So stop sitting and start doing: Put your house on the market today, or get shopping for that dream home of yours now.

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