Sunday, August 02, 2009

Moving Day Brings Lots Of Mixed Emotions, Like "Can I Eat This Pizza Now, Or Do I Have To Hug You Good-Bye First?"

With August here -- dang it, summer's 2/3 over -- it's time to start thinking about the one thing that can put a positive spin on the arrival of fall.

No, not Terrell Owens playing for the Bills, although that is a huge plus. The one thing that maybe brightens up the otherwise-gloomy prospect of September and on is that the kids go back to college, or off to college, so you might finally get some hot water and leftover pizza will actually have time to get cold in the refrigerator.

Getting the kids off to college isn't all fun and games and sausage pizza for breakfast, though-- you've still got to get their stuff packed up and shipped to wherever it is they'll be storing their dirty laundry for two months before bringing it home at Thanksgiving, and packing and shipping means finding out where to get a decent truck rental and how to get stuff from here (Home of Leftover Pizza) to there (Place where kids will only call from when they need money.)

ABF U-Pack Moving can help. They're a you pack it/they'll drive it service: They drop a trailer or moving container (A ReloCube) off where you tell them you (like, at your house) and then you load it up. ABF then picks up the Cube or trailer and drives it to where it needs to go.

It's cheaper than most truck rentals and you don't have to worry about your ability to drive a moving truck all around the country: Just pack, then wait, then unpack. Or, better yet -- have the kid do the packing and unpacking. Tell them it's a "learning experience" and when they say "learning what?" tell them: "Learning not to be younger than me. Now get packing!"

ABF U-Pack has a great rating with c sites like and, and has had no problems with the Better Business Bureau, so you don't have to worry about whether you can trust them. Just call 'em, have the kids pack, and then grab yourself some leftover pizza and turn on the game - Terrell Owens is only weeks away from his first touchdown.

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