Saturday, August 08, 2009

My hair sometimes looks a little like that, in the morning, only more baldy. (Sweetie's Hunk of the Week, 27)

Sweetie's 27th Hunk of the Week is: John Krascigyznarlskwrisralksi.

You/Sweetie Know Him As: Jim from "The Office," and Burt from "Away We Go." AKA: The Sweetest Guy Who Ever Lived.

I Know Him As: The Guy Whose Name I Can't Spell... is it Krajhnsyskbiscki? And also as The Guy Who Gets To Say And Do Things That Women Find Charming When They Are Said And Done By Jim, But Not So Much When Done In Real Life. Take that episode of The Office where [SPOILER ALERT! ONLY THAT SHOW'S NOT SO GREAT AS IT ONCE WAS, SO ODDS ARE YOU PROBABLY ALREADY WATCHED THE EPISODE OR YOU'RE NOT GOING TO, PERIOD. STILL... spoiler alert...] Jim and Pam were going to run off and get married and then Jim sort of decides they shouldn't do that. In real life, is there any guy at all anywhere who could actually do that and not have it instantly spun around on him as something terrible? Even if it was an awful idea, wouldn't the guy have to spend the entire day insisting that they should get married and even after the fiancee has talked him out of it, even then, still say "Well, I'm not convinced," because if he even ten years later were to say "You know, you were right about not getting married that day," the woman will say: "You didn't want to marry me?" And she'll say that even if the two are married by that time.

But not to Jim. Or Burt.

Thing That Makes You Go Hmmmm... About Him: This is usually where I go look up some weird website about the Hunk, but in this case, the Hmmmm factor is the hair. Jim Krizrkrhrary is the only guy I know who actually looks good with that messy-a-little hair that all the guys in the generation just below me try to pull off, but only Jim/Burt can do it. What is it with this guy?

Reason I Tell Myself Sweetie Likes Him: I assume he's got some kind of hypnotic powers or something. How else can you explain that everything he does is charming? Sweetie thought it was charming that Burt, in Away We Go, looked at other women's breasts. She thought that was charming. That's got to be hypnosis. This guy's got powers.

Also, couldn't he have changed his name? To find these pictures, I had to google "Jim From The Office."

Actual Reason Sweetie Likes Him: "Because everyone should have a tall, goofy-looking best friend that becomes the love of their lives."

UPDATE: Sweetie pointed out to me tonight that she actually said: "Because everyone should have a tall, goofy best friend that becomes the love of their lives," and wanted me, and the world, to know that she doesn't think either Jim/Burt or me are goofy-looking. You hear that, world? Me and Jim aren't goofy looking after all.

Point I'd Like To Make About Sweetie's Actual Reason For Liking Him: Actually, that's a very beautiful sweet thing to say and I choked up a little typing it. So I'm not going to make any dumb jokes about it.

P.S.: I bet I still don't get to look at other women's chests, though!

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