Monday, August 03, 2009

Temp Lawyers? What will they think of next? (Hopefully, it'll involve chocolate.)

Lawyers: are you in the market for a temporary lawyer New York? You should be.

You and I both know that your practice is busy, and getting busier. That's a good thing, except that the busier you get, the less time you have to attend some of those things that you're required to appear at, but which take up a lot of time and don't demand that you be there, just that a trusted lawyer be there.

That's where Per Diem Attorneys can help. Per Diem attorneys are licensed to practice in New York and New Jersey -- including New York (Eastern & Southern Districts), New Jersey District, US Court of Appeals - 2nd Circuit, US Court of Appeals - Federal Circuit, US Court of Federal Claims, US Court of Military Appeals and Supreme Court of the United States, and a per diem attorney can handle your motion hearing, deposition defense, EBTs, and other court appearances that a lawyer has to make.

On less than a day's notice, the Per Diem Attorneys' lawyers can appear on your behalf at any number of hearings or proceedings and provide qualified, competent representation, freeing you up to attend to things that require your personal attention, and increasing your reach and profits.

A temp lawyer can let you be in two places at once and help ease your schedule conflicts, taking care of those less-important matters while you focus on the big events. You'll get a great lawyer working for you without the troubles of hiring and training them, and you'll get a full, detailed report of how things went.

Want to know more, or are interested in hiring a temp contract lawyer? Get in touch by emailing to:

or fax 516-621-0259.

They'll provide attorney coverage for you in over 62 New York state counties alone, and allow you to keep your practice thriving without getting bogged down in details.

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