Saturday, August 08, 2009

1001 Ways To Tune Up The World, Number Three

Everyone complains about it, or at least about aspects of it. But only I'm giving you 1001 Ways to Tune It Up. (The World is the "It" in that sentence.)

3. Don't listen to interviews with athletes or comedians.

Most interviews of the famous aren't worth much, and we should get rid of them all, but that may be too drastic for the world, so I've chosen two categories to lose, and rather than asking the entertainment industry to change, I'm putting it on our shoulders.

Interviews of athletes and comedians are worthless. They're worse than worthless. When was the last time you heard something from either an athlete or comedian, in an interview, that was worth hearing, let alone remembering?

Just watch them playing the game or telling the jokes. If you do that and ignore he interview part, eventually nobody will interview them and the world will be spared unscripted/unfunny jokes, and platitudes like "I just take them one game at a time." (Included in this category? Coaches, former players, sportscasters, the writers and directors and producers of funny movies.)

UPDATE: 12/3/09: I recently read an interview of a bunch of comedians in Newsweek magazine, one which is apparently available on video, and I'm going to add "Don't read interviews with comedians, either. Apparently, most funny people are only funny if they are reading funny things written for them. Or at least those funny people are only funny if they're reading things written for them.)

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