Thursday, August 06, 2009

Okay, raise your hand if you secretly like the Cheetah Girls. (My hand is up. Yours? Come on...)

Your Wildwood vacation just got a lot easier to plan and dream about.

Wildwood, New Jersey, is the place I've written about before: Home to Morey's Piers amusement parks, which in turn are home to the Radio Disney Summer Concert Series that runs through August.

And while it's always fun to go there and easy to plan ahead, they recently redesigned the Morey's Piers website to make it easier to find out what you can do at the park, how to find Wildwood new jersey motels (with a whole special section, in fact, devoted to local resorts and eateries) and even how to get a part- or full-time job there.

And because it's easier than ever to find out about and book a trip there, you'll certainly want to, because this is the last month of that Radio Disney concert series, concerts that are FREE and which feature the top Radio Disney stars that your kids (and, let's face it, you) love (Like the Cheetah Girls), making Morey's Piers an even better place than you originally thought for your New Jersey vacation.

In between concerts, you'll be able to ride three different roller coasters (includig the "Sea Serpent") and take in Helicopter Skyrides and the Spring Shot -- a ride you'll love no matter what. And they have fun stuff like soccer tournaments to help fulfill their mission of providing a family recreation experience that you'll enjoy the whole time, and remember forever.

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