Tuesday, August 04, 2009

It's the All Mr Bunches Edition of 3 Good Things! (3 Good Things From 8/3/09)

If you live with Mr Bunches, it's not hard to come up with 3 Good Things even on a Monday...

1. Mr Bunches' laughing when, at the Splash Park, we stood near the bucket-of-water-dumping thing and watched buckets of water splash down every few seconds. Mr Bunches loves nothing more than a big splash.

2. Mr Bunches chasing after a squirrel at the Splash Park -- he saw it underneath a bench and chased it over to a tree trying to catch it... all the while making his dog-barking sounds.

3. "Ceranal." As Mr Bunches continues to practice... occasionally.. his talking, he's almost learned to pronounce cereal.

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