Friday, August 07, 2009

Or Maybe I'll Go With Cowboy Batman. (3 Good Things From 8/6/09)

With Sweetie's Dad in town for two days, it's easier than ever to keep a positive focus on life. Here's my ever-so-easy-to-come-by 3 Good Things:

1. I used Sweetie's Dad's visit as an incentive to lure Sweetie into okaying a trip for ice cream... not that much incentive was needed.

2. We took the Babies! to the park where they played amongst a giant group of other kids, including my personal favorite, Cowboy Superman: a kid in a full-on Superman costume, but with cowboy boots. I'm going to buy Mr F and Mr Bunches each one.

3. Day off from work -- on a Thursday. That's like 40 Good Things rolled into one.

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