Friday, August 21, 2009

I see them all the time, after all. (3 Good Things From 8/21)

1. A half day at work! I came home early to watch the Babies! and give Sweetie time to have lunch with her friend. So: Full credit for working a day, but only half a day actually in the office! That's living the dream.

2. I managed to jog just over 3 miles last night (solo -- no baby pushing this time), making that the farthest I've gone all summer.

3. We got the kids' pictures taken last night, and they turned out excellently. Or so Sweetie assures me. I didn't see them. I take her word for it and never really look at the pictures. What's the point? I already know what the kids look like.
Also: Update: If you read yesterday's essay, you know I have some concerns about Oldest's living arrangements. As it turns out, Oldest came over yesterday, purportedly because of the need to go have kids' pictures taken, but then she ended up staying over and is sleeping on the couch behind me as I type this. I'm going to start charging her rent.

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