Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quote of the Day, 36

"You're as bad as the kids,"
-- Sweetie, on my decision to, on impulse, sign us up for Costco.

Two weeks ago, more or less, Sweetie's dad was in town, and he learned that I'd never been to the Costco near us, even though I was dying to go because, well, discount goods. So he took us there and we walked through and I was overwhelmed by the giant tubs of peanut butter and fresh bagels and iPod accessories all in one place, so I signed us up for a one-year membership.

Then we grocery shopped there the first time and concluded that we weren't saving money at all, so I had to go and get a refund, which Costco gave me (somewhat disappointingly) without a fight.

Reviewing that the other day, Sweetie said I was as bad as the kids in my impulse purchases, which I denied. I pointed out to her the time we took the kids to the Wisconsin Dells for the day and gave them each $20 to buy souveniers. Within two minutes of arriving, we were walking past a t-shirt shop where the proprietor noticed Middle and Oldest and asked what "two such pretty girls were shopping for," and they immediately went inside and bought t-shirts, blowing their entire spending money for the day less than 10 minutes into the day.

Which in my book, makes the kids way worse than me on impulse purchases. I had been at Costco at least 20 minutes before deciding to join.

Also, in my defense: Middle was with us at Costco and was completely on my side about joining.

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