Saturday, August 22, 2009

Quote of the Day, 37:

While time travel into the past is unimaginable, one-way travel into the future might work.
-- Gregg Easterbrook
, writer.

I was just unwinding and reading Tuesday Morning Quarterback, written by Gregg Easterbrook, who occasionally gets things right.

He doesn't always get it right, like when he says a team has to run the football well to win games, but that's not the point of Quote 37.

The point of Quote 37 is that Gregg Easterbrook, who appears to be interested in science, juding by his writing, just blew it with that quote. Following that line, he goes on to have a pseudo-scientific discussion about whether it would be possible to travel into the future...

... when that is what we are all doing all the time.

We are all, right now, traveling into the future.

But I know, that's not what Gregg meant; he meant that science may someday find a way to have us travel into the future faster than our current time passes; that is, I might, he theorizes, find a way to travel 1 year into the future, without that trip taking 1 year. But the technology for that already exists, too: just go into a coma.

Which is technology that Gregg Easterbrook missed -- but which was predicted by a cartoon.

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