Sunday, August 16, 2009

I bet you thought they'd be all about comics. Well, you're wrong. They're only 1/3 about comics. (3 Good Things From 8/15/09)

On a day in which Mr F figured out, again, how to get out of his crib, resulting in much worrying on Sweetie's part and my sitting in his room last night to make sure he stays in his crib, it still wasn't hard to come up with 3 Good Things to focus on to keep me upbeat.

1. Rob, the manager at Capital City Comics in Madison, was very helpful and very nice to me, even though I and the Babies! got there just as he opened up and even though Mr Bunches thought his grapefruit was a ball and threw it on the floor. Twice.

2. Sweetie and I got to watch episodes 3 and 4 of True Blood Season 1, and that show keeps getting better. Plus, I like having a TV show in common with Sweetie. It's like we're bonding.

3. The Boy volunteered to babysit for a couple hours so that Sweetie and I could go out to eat and get some time alone together (yes, that makes sense if you think about it.) I like it when The Boy is helpful.

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