Friday, August 21, 2009

If necessary, I will wear my suit to the park. I'll look silly on Space Mountain, but that's a burden I can live with.

WOO HOO! Sweetie's sister is getting married next year!

I don't ordinarily get so excited about other people's weddings, because other people's weddings mean I have to take a perfectly good Saturday and wear a suit and sit at a table with a bunch of people I don't know and make small talk, all in hopes that there'll be a decent dinner, at least, but there never is. The last wedding I went to, we were all jealous of the kids' plates. While we had "prime rib," the kids had chicken fingers and french fries.

But Sweetie's sister's wedding is different; it's going to be in Florida, which means: vacation! I've been angling and angling to talk Sweetie into another Florida trip and now she can't avoid it, so it looks like we'll be driving down south next summer to head to the Orlando area, and I'm already checking out to get our Disney World Tickets. The Babies! will be nearly 4 by then, prime Disney-ification age, so I want to take them... need to take them, but I'm not going to pay an arm and a leg and probably a spleen to do it.

Instead, through, I can get discount Disney tickets, and not from some shady operator on a street corner, and without sitting through a time-share proposal -- just right through the website, right there, I can get the tickets and be ready to go, and I can save enough that our trip to the wedding can include not one, but two or maybe even three theme parks.

That's because Orlando Fun Tickets has more than Disney tickets. They've got Sea World, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, all the major parks, and even some out-of-area attractions, like tickets to Kennedy Space Center. I can even get "Flex Tickets," offering entry to more than one park, and the price is as low as fourteen dollars a day.

Fourteen bucks! That's the cost of what we'll spend on the wedding present. (Sorry about that in advance, sister-in-law, but I'm cheap.)(And anyway, I'll be spending all my money on souvenir Mouse Ears and other touristy stuff. So can I interest you in some Mouse Ears for your wedding?)

I love going to Florida -- I liked it as a kid, I liked it as an adult -- and I liked it then and now because of the theme parks. Roller coasters and water rides and giant slushees and spinning machines and the Haunted Mansion: That's the stuff that summer ought to be filled with, and that's the stuff that my summer is going to be filled with next year.

Hey, do you think I could talk the bride into holding the wedding at a theme park? I've got to go make a phone call.

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