Friday, September 18, 2009

What's the point of making a video if you don't want people to see it? (3 Good Things From 9/17/09)

1. Mr F walked through most of the grocery store. That may not seem like a big deal, but traditionally, Mr F has enjoyed nothing more than running off as fast as he can, and so traditionally he rides in the cart when I go to the store, and Mr Bunches walks. Last night, I decided to give Mr F a chance to walk again, and he made it through more than 50% of the store before bolting -- and then recovered to stay out of the cart for the remainder of the store.

2. The Parks & Recreation beginning in which Amy Poehler rapped most of Parents Just Don't Understand after her boss said "Here's the situation." For most of my life, I thought I was the only person who, upon hearing those words, immediately thought My parents went away on a week's vacation.

3. Sweetie made up the grocery list for me. Although I gave her a hard time because it wasn't in the order I liked it, I was very appreciative that she made the list and saved me a bunch of time, making it possible for me to relax a little after work.

Unfortunately, Will Smith won't let me embed the video for Parents Just Don't Understand, so I guess he doesn't want you to hear it, see the video or buy the song. Do what Will wants and completely forget that you ever heard about that song, and by no means pass along word of it under any circumstances. Instead, I'll give you instead a better rap song:

O.P.P., "Naughty By Nature":

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