Thursday, September 17, 2009

The new backup exec open file option lets you save files without thinking about it.

And "doing stuff without thinking about it" is pretty much how we'd all like to describe our jobs, right? Well, with the new's backup exec open file option, you can save and store your files without any effort -- even those files you're working on at the time of saving them. is the online data backup service you should be using. It lets you save your work online (making it accessible from anywhere) and do so quickly and cheaply. From the simplest files to the most complicated, data-heavy material, can handle it, and they back up your information with military-strength encryption, so you don't have to towrry about security.

Now, they'll let you save and backup your files while you're working on them, from almost any platform or operating system. The "open file option" lets you save and store your files while you write them, so if you're working on a lengthy brief or report or marketing plan but don't want to take the time to close out of it, then back up the file, then reopen it, can still save it for you, while it's open and while you work on it.

So you could, say, work the entire plane trip on a report, having it saved and backed up as you go. Then, even if you leave your laptop in the taxi on the way to the big meeting, your report can be backed up and saved online, making it accessible to you at the meeting. Plus, there's no extra charge for this service. It's win-win!

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