Sunday, September 13, 2009

I used every one of these techniques to get Sweetie.

Are you a guy looking to improve your social life and social skills? Then check out the PUA Network for Pickup Artists.

PUA Network is a social network for Pickup Artists -- not a scam site that'll teach you junky tips on how to score, but a place where you and your like-minded men and women friends can form grouips, network, plan events, and keep up with the latest trends. All that, and you get to read or post reports and blogs, compare and improve your seduction techniques, and even enter contests to win monthly prizes.

There's even a classified section where you can find wingmen and wingwomen and list your sarging events. It's one-stop shopping for pickup artists wanting to keep their game good. The site itself is easy to navigate and fun -- quizzes and blogs abound, and there's a section for pictures, so you can make sure the other posters aren't lying, because pictures don't bend the truth.

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rachel said...

nice post... keep it up...