Friday, September 18, 2009

Sadly, they do not have any tips on how to get pictures of me standing next to movie stars, with the movie stars handing me money.

People think these days that with cameras being cheaper and easier to use, photography is easy, too. But it's not. The ability to point a camera and hit a button doesn't guarantee that you'll be able to print, share, save, or upload those photos, and, more importantly, the ability to point and click doesn't mean that you'll take GOOD photos.

For pointers on how to take a good picture, and what to do with them afterwords, check out the 42nd Street blog.

42nd Street photo has been around for four decades now, selling cameras and related equipment, and they've always been able to provide the hardware to take great photos. Now, with their blog, they're taking the next step and helping give you the SKILLS to take great photos. The tips range from the "Why Didn't I Think of That" variety (like "Read the manual," which seems obvious, once people tell you it, and once they DO tell you, you think "Oh, man, I threw away the manual") all the way to the ones that you never think of. Like this one: they say to "Use Both Hands," pointing out that most people like me will simply click away with one hand, because we CAN, but doing that means that you're likely to move the camera and blur the photo.

You'd expect great equipment from 42nd Street photo; they've got every kind of brand and their prices are great. It's nice, though, to see them use their expertise to help people USE all that equipment.

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