Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vitamin C, I love you!

Vitamin C isn't just for breakfast anymore.

Now, it's for your SKIN, too, thanks to the Vitamin C Serum from ViDerm.

ViDerm, you've probably heard about before. They're the company that's been on EXTRA, CBS, and a bunch of other news shows thanks to their revolutionary skin car. But you may not have heard about their Vitamin C serum, a physician-recommended gel that contains 20% Vitamin C, the highest available on the market. That concentration makes the gel a high-performance way to fight aging and prevent it in the first place. So if you're skin is old and tired, the ViDerm Vitamin C Gel will help revitalize it by stimulating collagen products. But if your skin is young and vibrant, you can STILL use the ViDerm Vitamin C 20% Gel to fight the aging in the first place.

The Vitamin C 20% Gell prevents photo aging and other premature signs of skin age by infusing the skin with good ol' healthy Vitamin C, blending nature and science to protect your skin and keep you looking good.

ViDerm is a leader in skin care, what with the ViDerm peel, and their products are often recommended by doctors who know about these kinds of things. The Vitamin C 20% Gel is safe for all skin types and it's easy to use: Just rub a little at a time into your skin, allowing it to penetrate, once in the morning and once at night -- because it's so concentrated, you don't need that much, so a small amount provides a lot of benefit.

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