Monday, September 14, 2009

She didn't actually ask me to diagram sentences, but the effect was much the same. (86 Down, 10,074 To Go)

Down... To Go continues with "Light Of Love," by Music Go Music.

There's, like, 14 different songs in that one little song lasting just over five minutes. I realized I had this song on my iPod more or less by accident, when I took a break from changing around bedrooms on Saturday, moving the Babies! into Middle's recently-vacated room and moving Middle's stuff into the Babies!' room, which we now call "the guest room" except when Middle's around, because she still thinks it's her room, and, let's face it, we don't really have any guests over, except for Middle and Oldest, who are around more than ever even though they've both, technically, moved out.

They really are around more than ever. Middle came home to visit on Saturday, after only six hours at college, and brought homework with her, and then asked me for help with it. I'd thought I was done helping Middle identify what was wrong with sentences, but here I was, trying to figure out if "it's written in a passive voice" really qualifies as "something wrong" with a sentence.

The Helping-Middle-With-Homework ended up the way most of those sessions did last year, too, with her sighing and saying "I'll just ask someone else for help," and giving me the feeling that I more and more am less and less helpful.

So I put the Babies! to bed in their new (Middle's old) bedroom and hopped in the car and listened to the end of the Badger game on the radio as I drove around looking for a television stand and lamps, and when the Badger game ended, I put on my iPod and Light of Love came on. I almost just clicked through that washy/synthesizer part but I drive a stick shift and was in the middle of doing some shifting, so I listened as I also tried to steer, and then it got to the piano-y part where the girl starts singing, so I kept listening, and the more I listened, the more I liked this song, especially because it first goes into a 70s' version of 60s' girl groups doing 50s' music, and then because it becomes more bombastic and yet somehow also happier while being melodramatic at the same time.

But mostly I liked it because I was driving around listening to it, which meant I was not home diagramming sentences with Middle.

P.S.: On closer listening, you can almost hear a jet-taking-off kind of sound like the one that I remember from Within Your Reach, which I don't have on my iPod and which, having remembered that song, I now can't possibly go more than 1 second longer without hearing it. I'm off to find the video.

P.P.S.: There is no video or way to hear that song while I sit at my desk and almost work? Curse you, Internet!


lisapepin said...

I always loved diagramming sentences and, thanks to Schoolhouse Rock, can, to this day, sing the preamble to the Constitution. So this blog entry rocked my world. Thanks!

Briane P said...

Who loves diagramming sentences? But you're right about Schoolhouse Rock.