Wednesday, February 18, 2009

As a slogan, it beats "In God We Trust" by a mile. (Commutation 7)

The local talk show guy, Sly In The Morning, was discussing some article that must have appeared in the paper complaining about the new "Sonic" restaurant that went up in our city recently. I don't know what the complaint was because I didn't read the story, but I was listening to talk radio for a bit (until I got exasperated by the callers and decided I didn't need that kind of toothache-inducing talk in my ears on the way in. I wish talk radio didn't allow callers, because they always turn everything around to Cuba or make up stories about something that happened to them that's too ridiculous to have ever happened.)

But, before I turned off the talk radio and put on music, one caller made my day with a stirring recapitulation of what the U.S. Constitution is all about. Taking the newspaper article to task for complaining about a drive-in restaurant, this caller said:

"This is America. We can eat where we want!"

Bonus: If you click here, you'll find a bizarre website that is a "Tribute to the Giant Hamburger Eating Dude." (That's the guy shown on this post.)

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lisapepin said...

I know it's wrong, but this is France and I want that giant cheeseburger. Now.